IAMKOO_Yu-Hirukawa_比留川游_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_3 IAMKOO_YoungSun-Lee_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_1 IAMKOO_HoYeon-Jung_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_2IAMKOO_Irene-Kim_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO IAMKOO_YoungSun-Lee_cheer_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_1 IAMKOO_red-leather-jacket_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO IAMKOO_Singapore_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO IAMKOO_mbfwa_models_sydney_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_SungHee Kim IAMKOO_mbfwa_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO IAMKOO_SongYee-Koo_35mm_Film_YOUNGJUNKOO_3If you’ve been following street style within the past 5 years, chances are you’re already familiar with Youngjun Koo. With a taste for street wear and an eye for capturing the energy of fashion week, Koo has shot street style for his personal site, I Am Koo, GQ, and NY Mag‘s The Cut. Turns out he’s just as talented shooting editorials. I find him to be especially skilled at portraits and long shots. And, yes, shooting beautiful Asian women. ❤

Images via I Am Koo

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