Yonge and Nude









Artful nudes and high fashion photography go together like bacon and eggs, or bucket hats and #sadboys. But for what has felt like an eternity, it seemed like high fashion editorials have barely made a blip on the Canadian publishing radar, leaving us fashion-starved hosers to settle for out-of-date shopping guides and meatless editorial spreads.

But as Gandalf and Buddha would say, nothing is permanent, and the fashion publishing landscape in Canada is changing for the better. With beautifully-made and artfully designed publications like Bad Day and Frische rising out of our soulless, mass media rubble, and with shops like SOOP SOOP doing their part in spreading the good word, it’s sort of nice to be Canadian and into fashion these days.

The Toronto-based, Milan-founded styling and photography group MILA is another such entity making it a little more interesting ’round these parts. Handling everything from photography to styling to photo editing, the two women of MILA, Maddalena Petrosino & Eleonora Gaspari are pretty much behind every element of their editorials short of modelling the clothes themselves. The photoset seen here appeared in the Italian online mag nss and features clothing and accessories from SOOP SOOP, Kaelen, and Armed.

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